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1.  What is the best age to neuter or spay your pet?

     Usually around 6mos. old before puberty.

2.  What are the Benefits of Neutering a pet?

     a.  To reduce the pet over population.

     b.  Males--reduced aggression; reduced risk of anal tumors/cancer and prostate enlargement/infections.

     c.  Females--reduced risk of breast cancer; eliminates infections of the uterus or pymetra.

3.  What is the best age to start behavior training classes?

     Usually around 4 mos. old.

4.  What is the best method of housebreaking a puppy?

     Crate training is the best.

5.  How oftern should I have my pet's teeth be professionally cleaned?

    80% of animals over 3 yrs. old have some level of periodontal disease.  So around 3 yrs. then ultimately

    every 1-2 yrs. is best.  As they age more frequent dentistries are usually needed.

6.  How often should I be using flea/tick products and heartworm meds?

     Once a month year round is best. Heartworm pills also cover for some intestinal parasites and fleas 

     can live all year round in the home.

7.  When is my pet considered a senior animal?

     Cats and dogs age 7yrs for every 1 human year, so around 8yrs. old.  Large breed dogs have shorter 

     lives so around 6yrs.

8.  How often should my pet have an exam?

     Once a year and twice a year when an animal reaches 6-8yrs. old due to specific geriatric medical 

     conditions that are seen as they age; such as cancer, diabetes, etc.

9.  Are all Vaccines necessary for my pet?

     There are some necessary Core vaccines such as Distemper/Parvo and Rabies for both cat and dog 

      and other vaccines available depending on whether the animal goes outside or ventures into the

      woods or has contact with other animals.