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Dr. Douglas Lemire (certified by AVH)

Homeopathy is a science that dates back 200 years and was discovered by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann of Germany and apparently may be the only medicine in the world that has documented cases of totally curing patients.  “Like cures like”
Principle—a natural substance that produces symptoms in a healthy patient that matches the same type of symptoms in a sick patient will cure that patient of the disease.  These natural substances come from nature and the more energy that is extracted or derived from the substances the more powerful effect they have on healing the patient.
Symptoms seen from an animal represent an imbalance in the body; the animals that is trying to heal itself produces outwardly appearing symptoms—ear infections, skin lesions, vomiting/diarrhea, etc.  There can be triggers for this to happen such as pollen, food allergies, vaccines, stress.  I have seen some remarkable healing of animals using this type of alternative healing treatments.  There are no side effects from the medicines and the animals love it.